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Welcome to Year 6W!



Welcome to Mrs Woolliscroft's page!


Year 6 is the final year at Silver Springs Primary School and a very important one too! The children are given the increased responsibilities and are proving to be fantastic role models for the rest of the school. It is important that the children arrive in school on time everyday as missing even ten minutes a day soon adds up - five hours in an average term!


We have some amazing opportunities available in Year 6 including Safe Squad, Stockport Air Raid Shelter, Robin Wood, Bowling and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


I cannot wait to fill this page with all the learning we will experience over the next year! Make sure to be connected to Class Dojo as this is where we share most of our daily life in the classroom. You can also find homework help and any letters handed out.


If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us using Class Dojo or speak to a member of the Year 6 team after school.

Year 6 team - Mrs Woolliscroft, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Allen and Mr Patel.



Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Woolliscroft






Make sure to check out our incredible blog shared between Year 5 & 6!


Moving On 2020 - Applying for High Schools

Applying for High School - Dates to remember!

Applying for High School - Dates to remember! 1
Applying for High School - Dates to remember! 2
Applying for High School - Dates to remember! 3
Applying for High School - Dates to remember! 4
Applying for High School - Dates to remember! 5
Applying for High School - Dates to remember! 6

Talkin’ Tribes

Talkin’ Tribes 1 Our class flag and values.

Class Books!

Class Books! 1 Black Powder
Class Books! 2 Room 13
Class Books! 3 Letters From The Lighthouse
Class Books! 4 Foul Play

Black Powder - Chapter One

Black Powder - Chapter One 1
Black Powder - Chapter One 2
Black Powder - Chapter One 3

As part of our topic of Crime & Punishment, we are reading the novel 'Black Powder'  by Ally Sherrick. In English, we rewrote chapter one changing the perspective to first person. Additionally, some children challenged themselves by choosing another character. Use the QR codes to go to our blog and read some of our work. 


**Ally Sherrick read Maise's chapter who chose to write from the perspective of Henry Cresswell. She left a review offering feedback and advice. 




Image result for global policing

Global Policing are a team of experts with policing and educational backgrounds who have brought their knowledge and experience together to provide services both nationally and internationally. I

Year 6 are taking part in a ten-week behavioural-change project called Project Chameleon, which is run by recently retired police officers. The project is aimed at those pupils in their latter two years of primary school, and looks at raising understanding of the implications of crime and social awareness of the young people taking part, by getting them to think differently about their behaviour and how it affects others.

The course covers a range of topics such as Respect, Consequences, Burglary, Robbery and Theft, Drugs, Domestic Violence, Self Defence, Weapons, Road Safety and so on.





Safe Squad 2019

Year 6 attended the Safe Squad event on Wednesday at Bennett Street Youth & Community Building. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to participate in workshops on Digital Safety, Personal Safety and Community Safety. We met members of the emergency services including local police officers and members of the fire service at the event. Our favourite workshop was the introduction to CPR and how to help someone in an emergency.

WANTED! Self portraits.

WANTED! Self portraits. 1 Caitlin B
WANTED! Self portraits. 2 Paige-Louise P
WANTED! Self portraits. 3 Lojain A
WANTED! Self portraits. 4 Penny K
WANTED! Self portraits. 5 Olivia D
WANTED! Self portraits. 6 Aaron A
WANTED! Self portraits. 7 Gabriel P
WANTED! Self portraits. 8 Faith W

Crime & Punishment: WANTED posters

Using a mirror and a pencil, we sketched close observational self portraits. As a class, we looked at the portraits and self portraits of different artists, thinking about what the artist was trying to convey about the subject, as well as the techniques that had been used. We then used similar techniques to create an image which was in proportion and enhanced it with shades and tones. 

With the help of technology, we changed the warmth of the picture to give a feel of WANTED posters, used to let the public know of an alleged criminal whom the authorities wished to apprehend.

Crime & Punishment

Crime & Punishment 1
Crime & Punishment 2
Crime & Punishment 3
Crime & Punishment 4
Crime & Punishment 5
Crime & Punishment 6
Crime & Punishment 7
Crime & Punishment 8
Crime & Punishment 9



 Show Racism The Red Card is an anti-racism educational charity. They aim to combat racism through enabling role models, who are predominately but not exclusively footballers, to present an anti-racist message to young people and others. Show Racism The Red Card acknowledges that racism changes, as do the experiences of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in the UK.


It is core value at SSPA that there are NO OUTSIDERS. We use this day to bring awareness to the prejudice and racism that people face everyday.


For more information, please visit the website





The theme this World Book Day was ‘Bedtime Stories’, in true Year 6 fashion we went along the route of camp-style horror story and chose the book ROOM 13.
We began the day reading our own choice of book independently - my current read is Cogheart after a recommendation from Amber. 
We had been introduced to ROOM 13 (by Robert Swindells) before in our guided reading but only teased the book with Chapter 1. We spent the first part of the morning getting comfy and listening to the first couple chapters of book. Conveniently, we are also beginning our own horror story writing in English and we were able to describe features the author used to create an effect on the reader (there was definitely some worry when our protagonist Fliss started to notice some creepy things that matched her nightmare).
After break, we began looking at creating an alternate front cover through collage using the imagery from the book. As a break, we took two chapters of the book and shared them with a partner, reading them out loud. 
The afternoon was spent assembling our collages which a few were able to finish (you can see some examples in the photographs above) as well as reading more chapters. All in all, we read a total of 105 PAGES!!!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

My favourite quotes.

My favourite quotes. 1
My favourite quotes. 2
My favourite quotes. 3
My favourite quotes. 4
My favourite quotes. 5
My favourite quotes. 6
My favourite quotes. 7
My favourite quotes. 8