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Year 5T


Welcome to our class page! My name is Mr. Tyrrell and I am a Year 5 teacher at Silver Springs Primary Academy.


This is my first year at Silver Springs. Before I began this job, I spent six years as a secondary school English teacher, working with over 100 pupils each day. This year, I am excited to have the chance to work with a smaller group of children, and to work with them on all of their subjects, right the way through every day.


I believe that when children know that they are valued, they develop the confidence to learn. When children know that their voices are heard, they develop independence and responsibility. It will be my privilege throughout this year to build relationships with all of the children in my class. I will look out for the best interests of every child, and help them all to achieve their potential - with the help of the other adults in their lives.


If you are a parent of a child in Y5T, please make sure you are signed up to the Class Dojo app, and try to check it every day. On Class Dojo, you can track your child's achievements. You can also see photos of what we get up to in the classroom every day. Moreover, you can contact me directly if ever you have any questions or concerns. I will always be glad to hear from you, and to offer my support.


In order to boost your child's learning at home, you can help them with their weekly homework tasks, which will be sent home every Wednesday and collected on Monday mornings at school. You can help them to learn their weekly spellings, and practise their times tables with them. We will have both spelling and multiplication tests every Friday morning at school. Perhaps most importantly of all, it will be of huge benefit to your child if you are able to encourage them to read for at least twenty minutes, twice each week. There is a huge amount of educational research to suggest that the most successful children are the ones who read the most! Therefore, we ask that you fill in your child's reading record each week, to let us know how they are getting on.


Please use the links below for more information. For daily updates, use Class Dojo. Feel free to contact me at any time if there is anything more that I can do to help!




An Update from Team Year 5

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