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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Chair of Governors:     Mr Tony Powell

Principal:                      Mrs D. Mason


Deputy Principal:      Miss O. Chambers


Assistant Principals:    Mr P. Gladwell

                                     Mrs M. Hmami


Office Manager:          Mrs N. Burton

Site Manager:              Mr G. Williams



Class teachers: Miss K. Anderson and

Mrs R. McHugh

TA: Mrs J. Matthews

TA: Mrs C. Watkins





Class teacher: Miss L. Peters

Class teacher: Mr P. Gladwell

TA: Mrs L. Marshall

TA: Mrs J. Bojanowski

TA: Miss H. Knight


Year 1


Class teacher: Mr M. Selby

Class teacher: Mrs C. Clarke and Mrs J Selby

TA: Mrs A. Jones

TA: Mrs S. Culpin

Reading Recovery teacher: Mrs K. Couper-Barton


Year 2


Class teacher: Miss A. Broadley

Class teacher: Mrs M. Hmami

TA: Mrs L. Pedley

TA: Mrs J. Miller

TA: Mrs L. Ramsden

Numbers Count teacher: Mr E. Buckley


Year 3


Class teacher: Mr Z. Blinston

Class teacher: Miss K. Lawler

TA: Mr D. Chatterton, Miss K. Pearce

TA: Miss A. Bolton


Year 4


Class teacher: Mrs S. Ogden

Class teacher: Mrs S. Billance

TA: Mrs E. Mulholland

TA: Mrs D. Doherty


Year 5


Class teacher: Mrs S. Davies

Class teacher: Mr K. Kuluvas

TA: Mr P. Kinsman

TA: Miss N. Jones


Year 6


Class teacher: Mrs G. Woolliscroft

Class teacher: Mrs J. Jackson

TA: Mrs K. Allen

TA: Mr H. Patel




The Oasis


Oasis Lead/SENCo: Miss H. Mulligan (maternity leave)

Learning Mentor: Mrs G. Brayshaw

TA: Miss J. Yates

TA: Miss K. Sands

TA: Miss A. Pedley

TA: Miss K Pearce



Family & Community Engagement Co-ordinator    Miss C. Hadfield

Administrative & Technical Support Assistant   Mrs M. Bouchard

Attendance & Administrative Assistant          Mrs L. Gull


Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs Pedley, Mrs Taylor, Mrs McCann, Mrs Hobson, Mrs Patel, Miss Pedley, Miss Pearce, Mrs Saville, Miss Knight, Mr Chatterton, Miss Mulholland, Miss Antill, Miss Bolton.


Catering Team

Mrs Oliver, Miss Garside, Mrs Doherty, Mrs Wright, Mrs Wileman, Mrs Hobson.


Cleaning Staff

Mrs Hobson, Mrs Taylor, Mrs McCann.