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Speaking and Listening

Research shows that by the age of three, there is a 30-million-word gap between children from different socio-economic backgrounds. So, at Silver Springs, we prioritise Speaking and Listening from the very start, putting it at the very heart of our lessons in every subject. We know than an effective focus on this not only supports children’s learning but also enables them to develop a wide range of essential skills. Examples include: working as a group; listening and responding to others; story telling; debating; discussing; negotiating and developing a more extensive vocabulary.

Speaking and Listening opportunities are highlighted in our planning to ensure we are prioritising this important skill on a daily basis. Fun activities, for example Hot Seating, enable children to learn through play and activities are differentiated to support individual needs. Children are immersed in language through activities such as role play and drama and through going on exciting trips.


To tackle the low entry points of our children, we employ qualified speech therapists to support those children identified with speech and language needs.