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Science is a key part of our curriculum. Throughout history, science has changed our lives and at Silver Springs we encourage a sense of excitement and curiosity about the world around us. Our vision is to give all children the opportunity to explore and discover the world around them. They will be encouraged to ask questions, investigate and experiment to develop understanding whilst fostering a thirst for knowledge in an ever-changing world.


Our children study biology, chemistry and physics. It is important that our children have the knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts, however scientific enquiry plays a massive part in our science curriculum. Scientific enquiry involves observing over time; pattern seeking; identifying, classifying and grouping; comparative and fair testing (controlled investigations); and researching using secondary sources.


For more information about which objectives are covered in every year group, please see our curriculum maps.

Our Principles of Science Teaching

Our Principles of Science Teaching 1

In addition to weekly lessons, children are engaged and excited about science through special events and activities.  We hold an annual Science Week, incorporating fun and unusual experiments......and a Family Challenge!  During Science Week and throughout the year, children enjoy special visits from experts in different aspects of Science, as well as enrichment through educational visits to local places and museums. For those children who would like to enjoy additional Science, a Science Club is run through Mad Science.


Have a look at our tree planting to see some of our biologists in action!

Mad Science

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