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At the end of Key Stage 1, Year 2 children take SATs. They are tested in Maths and English (reading, writing and spelling, punctuation and grammar). Teachers generally try to keep the testing procedure informal – the papers are not strictly timed, and are taken in a normal classroom situation to keep the pressure off our children.


The key to making SATs less stressful for your child is not to panic yourself! Before the assessments the children will have practised similar questions to prepare them, but you can support your child by regularly supporting them with their homework.
There are also a lot of commercially published and very useful practice materials available and a number of very good websites to support learning in general – but remember to give them extra work to do in moderation.


Please avoid putting pressure on your child and offer plenty of rewards for all their hard work.


We will be having a meeting for parents soon, so that you can have a look (and a go!) at some of the papers and have an idea of what your child will be doing.