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Reading is such an essential part of the curriculum - it opens doors for the children throughout their lives. We read as much as possible! A little and often is best!


Every child will have their own reading book changed weekly (or more often if needed) and will be heard read by another adult. They will bring home two books: one will be from our reading scheme and at their level (our favourites are the Biff and Kipper books!) and the other will be a library book, chosen from our Reading Area. The book from our Reading Area is for you to share together as a family.


Your child will also read in a group on a fortnightly basis during Guided Reading. We share and read a book together and talk about what happens in the story. Below are some of the kind of questions which you could ask at home when you're reading together as well.

Before reading the book:
• Can you point to the title? or What is this? (pointing to the
• What do you think this story will be about? What might happen in the story?
• What do we call the writing on the back of the book? (Blurb) or What does the
blurb tell us?


During the reading of the book:
• What is happening in the pictures?
• What has happened so far? Is it what you expected to happen?
• What might happen next?

  • How do you think the story might end?

• What sort of character is….? Is he/she friendly/ mean?


At the end of the book:
• Did you like this book? Why? (Encourage children to develop their opinion about books by encouraging them to explain their reasons)
• What was your favourite part? Why?
• What was the most interesting/ exciting part of the book? Can you find it?
• What sort of character was….?
• Why did that character do …(give an example from the story)?

πŸ“šIn Year 2B we love reading! πŸ“š