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Reading Recovery

ECaR and Reading Recovery

Welcome to Every Child a Reader (also known as ECaR and Reading Recovery).


Reading Recovery is a reading and writing program that usually targets Year 1 children who are struggling in their Literacy. They have a daily one to one teaching session of 30 minutes with a qualified Reading Recovery teacher for up to 20 weeks focusing on both reading and writing. As a school, we recognised the potential of such an intervention and decided to invest in the necessary training, which is where my role has evolved from.


I have been a Reading Recovery teacher for six years. For the children I work with, alongside their academic achievements, their self-esteem and confidence increases visibly as they experience success in something they have found challenging. Hopefully, their new skills plus their increased self-belief will take them forward on their learning journey.


My role at Silver Springs goes beyond Reading Recovery and extends to target more children across different age groups, who are encountering difficulties with Literacy. We have also put other ECaR based interventions in place throughout the school, such as the Better Reading Partnership and the Reception Literacy Programme.


Please can I take this opportunity to remind you of how valuable you are in terms of supporting and encouraging your child's reading. Making the time to read each day (or as often as possible) with your child will pay dividends in terms of their long term success both academically and emotionally.


If you would like to know more about the Reading Recovery program or supporting reading and writing generally, please speak to your child’s class teacher or find me for a chat.


Mrs Couper-Barton (Reading Recovery Teacher)