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In Year Six, children are expected to read at home every day! Even though some of the children may no longer think they need your help, your monitoring of their reading and comprehension at home will be vital to support activities in class. Shared reading and discussion of the story are very helpful. Please encourage your child to read with expression and to express opinions about the characters in the story, the plot, and what might happen next to further develop their inference skills.


Children will also take part in reading activities every day at school. We will read for pleasure, as well as to develop the essential skills that will make them successful, independent, lifelong readers and learners. The children will all have their own books for silent reading during the day, and we will also have a class novel every term. Our first class novel in Year 6 is the wonderful Gaslight, by Eloise Williams, and we would encourage you to talk about it with your child!


Lexia is also a fantastic tool for supporting your child's reading. All children have an individual Lexia login and, in year five, we expect children to log in to Lexia as part of their homework. We ask that the children complete their personal target each week. If you are unable to login at home, just let us know and time can be provided for your child to complete a Lexia session during school hours. All children also have access to appropriate reading material on Bug Club, which will also be a part of their weekly homework tasks.