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Whole Class Reading

Children will take part in reading activities each day at school, with a minimum of a 1 hour whole class reading session per week. Here, they will learn the vital skills of decoding and comprehension needed to be successful readers, we will focus closely on the Reading Gems covering different skills across the year.

Each week, children will complete a variety of linked tasks including comprehensions, spelling challenges and Lexia.



Bug Club

Bug Club has a varied range of engaging texts for your child to read online. . All children have their own log in and are assigned books suited to their individual reading level. Children are expected to read for a minimum of 15 minutes each day. Dojo points will be awarded for those reaching and exceeding this criteria. If you are unable to login at home, please let me know.




Lexia is a fantastic tool for supporting your child's reading. All children have an individual Lexia login and, in Year 4, we expect children to log in to Lexia as part of their homework. We ask that the children complete at least 60 minutes per week. If you are unable to login at home, just let me know and time can be provided for your child to complete a Lexia session during school hours.