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At Silver Springs we encourage our children to immerse themselves in reading every day.


In Year 3, your child is encouraged to read at home each night. This can be one of their online Bug Club reading books, which are tailored to their current reading fluency and comprehension level, a beloved book from home, a graphic novel, some poetry or even the TV guide! We know that reading with your child at home, even for 5 minutes each day, will give them further fluency practice and will reinforce the fundamental skills of reading. 


Bug Club reading books are updated on an 'as and when' basis. As soon as your child has finished reading their book, including completing any relevant comprehension quizzes indicated by the small, green bug symbol, their answers will be reviewed and, should they need a top up, more books will be assigned. We ask that you let your child log in to Bug Club daily.


Your child will be supported to read on a daily basis within school time and will be heard reading by an in-school adult at least once a week.


During our Guided Reading sessions, children read ambitious texts, refining their decoding, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension skills.