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Y3BL will be reading a wide range of texts from non-fiction information texts to modern fairy tales, poetry and longer novels such as The Adventures of Alfie Onion by Vivian French, Flat Stanley in Space by Jeff Brown and Tilly & the time machine by Adrian Edmondson. These books will link with many of our exciting English and Topic based lessons too. 


Children will bring home a reading book from our reading scheme and at their level of reading. They will have the opportunity to change their reading book every day and will be listened to fortnightly by an adult. We encourage all of our children to read just a little bit every day if possible, even as little as 5 minutes per day really helps! Children will receive two Dojo points each time they read with an adult at home and get their reading record signed. Children can choose to read the banded books they are provided with from school or alternatively, they can read their own books from home that are appropriate to their age and reading ability. 


All children in Y3BL will read in a Guided Reading group weekly usually with Mrs Pedley.  During this session we will share and read the book together and then discuss the events within the book. We will also discuss how punctuation is used within writing so that we can become fluent readers and read with expression. 

Some of last year's Year 3 children on 'World Book Day!'

Some of last year's Year 3 children on 'World Book Day!' 1