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Your child will bring home a weekly reading book each Monday as well as a reading diary for making comments. If there are no words in the book, please encourage your child to tell you what is happening in the pictures or to tell you the story in their own words. If there are words in the book, they will generally be repetitive on each page at this stage. Your child is not expected to learn the words directly or out of context just yet - please read the words with your child and help to model reading left to right, turning one page at a time. It is helpful to point out any repetitive text on the pages and use picture cues to help with new words. For example; mum is sleeping  /  mum is driving / mum is eating etc.

Alternatively, your child may be bringing home a decodable reading book. This is a book which contains words the children must use their phonic skills to sound out, for example, s-i-t (says 'sit'). It will also contain 'tricky words' the children cannot sound out, for example, 'to' or 'the'. We advise you to share the book with your child each night for about 5 minutes - little and often is best to prevent your child from becoming restless or tired. Other books will be matched to the children's individual needs and increasing ability to read key words and decode independently as we move through the year. 

Library books are brought home weekly and are changed on a Friday. We hope you enjoy sharing these with your child at bedtime. Please do not hesitate to come and see us if you need any advice or support!