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Children are fully immersed in daily phonics from Nursery through to the end of Year 2. Children develop their listening and attention skills as well as following an effective, daily synthetic phonics scheme called Storytime Phonics. This scheme uses well known, high-quality children’s fiction books, written by renowned authors, to contextualise the daily letter sounds that children are learning. These letter sounds follow a structured order and include single phonemes e.g. ‘b’ as well as more complex digraphs/trigraphs, for example ‘oa’/’igh’. Children are immersed in an interactive, multi-sensory experience through the use of storytelling and props, encouraging the parallel development of comprehension and phonics skills.


As a result, this ignites children’s curiosity in reading, creativity and imagination helping them to find out the how, why, who, when and where. Children are systematically assessed and re-grouped according to their needs and emerging abilities so that they always receive well-targeted teaching. Phonic sessions are always revisited and built upon to ensure over time, children know more, remember more and therefore, achieve more.


Phonics Screening Check
Children in Year One in the summer term will take the statutory Phonics Screening Check where children will be expected to read 40 simple, de-codable words including nonsense words. This is a progress check to identify those children not at expected level in their reading. Children will be rechecked in Year Two if they do not reach the expected level.

Phonics Curriculum Overview

Letters and Sounds