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Physical Education

At Silver Springs, we follow the Primary PE Passport, which is the vehicle through which we deliver the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum and forms the basis of the school’s wider PE offer. The content of our PE curriculum is broad and balanced, challenging and progressive, leading to children being physically literate and developing a range of transferable skills. Opportunities for children to take part in competition both within school and within the wider community of schools in Tameside, enables children to apply the skills they have learned and develop positive attitudes to sport and sporting competition.

During their time at Silver Springs, children take part in two hours of PE or planned physical activity per week. Discrete PE and Dance lessons begin in the Nursery and are delivered weekly by our specialist coaches. In addition to this, all children will take part in weekly swimming lessons for three terms in Year Three and Four. In Reception and Year Five children will also participate in weekly cycling
lessons. All year groups receive one term of dance teaching each year.


We believe that healthy and active children are fundamentally better placed to make progress across all areas of their learning and life. In addition to the taught curriculum we provide equipment, time and a variety of play spaces to encourage children to be physically active at break times. The whole of the PE curriculum is enriched by a range of before and after school sports and dance clubs, available to children from Year One upwards.