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Our theme this half term

Reception children at Silver Springs will cover a new and exciting theme every half term that provides your child with the chance to experience rich and fulfilling learning experiences. These will be used to develop a wide range of skills and will cater for different learning styles. We also follow the children's interests therefore our themes are flexible to cater for this. 

Please see below for more details about this half term's theme and our don't forget to read our curriculum map within the curriculum section!


Autumn half term 1 

This half term our theme is Magical Me! We will be focusing mainly upon the stories Goldilocks, Cave Baby and The Little Red Hen. We will be singing lots of nursery rhymes and simple songs. We will be painting self-portraits and using natural resources to create faces. We will be talking about our families; learning the names of simple body parts and finding out about what babies need to grow and develop. We will also be going on a seasonal walk within our community to observe any changes in the environment. We will have daily "StoryTime" phonic sessions as well as daily mathematics sessions which will include counting, comparing groups of objects and sorting.