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Coronaviris (COVID-19) Update


Some Important Updates

Coronavirus (COVID 19)

We are NOT aware of any staff or families, who have travelled to affected areas or had contact with someone who has returned from the affected areas.  However, as a precaution and following Public Health guidance, the school has already put in place the following preventative measures:

  • Additional midday cleaning regime on door handles, toilets and stair rails
  • Raised staff vigilance to ensure that all children are washing hands effectively, in addition to posters to provide visual prompts to children about handwashing
  • The provision of extra tissues in all classrooms and raised vigilance by teachers in ensuring that children make use of these – plus posters with visual reminders for children about this
  • We have placed an order for additional hand-sanitiser for classrooms as well as anti-bacterial wipes for use on laptops and ipads

Parents can help by alerting the office, by telephone, if you or your child has come into contact with anyone returning from affected areas.  The school advises parents to keep up-to-date with Public Health guidance, but I want to remind parents that the current risk remains low. 

If, that situation changes, we will update parents at the soonest possible time.


Please look at for advice on discussing the situation with children.