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COMIC RELIEF Friday 19th March 2021


This brilliant opportunity for us to have fun and raise valuable funds for good causes has crept up on us this year!

To make it as easy as possible for mums, dads and carers, we would like all children to a:


Rather than asking you to dress your child in a certain colour or in a certain theme, we want everyone to choose their own! Just dress differently than you normally do for school.

So if you want to wear your superhero outfit, your princess outfit, your Christmas jumper, your PJs, your party clothes, your Judo kit or even as simple as non-uniform - go for it! We want it to be a simple as possible for everyone. We don't want anyone to buy something new - just wear what you have! We will make it a celebration of our uniqueness!

We will collect your donations in buckets as you arrive like we have done before!

All we ask is that your steer away from the usual football shirts, because it does tend to cause rivalry that we can do without! Also, please make sure it is warm enough for the weather, especially as we have all the windows open, so no flip flops and strappy tops! It needs to be comfortable enough to wear all day!

I hope this makes it as easy as possible for everyone. And this year - please keep your Red Noses for home use only, to ensure that we remain Covid 19 secure!

Thank you for your help to make this a fun day for all!

Mrs Mason