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Christmas Performance Announcement 2021

Good Afternoon Parents and Carers

I want to update you on the national and local guidance relating to Covid-19.

As you may know, Government guidance for close contacts of positive cases of the Omicron Variant is to isolate for 10 days regardless of your vaccination status. This also comes at a time when I am informed that the current Tameside rate for primary aged children is more than double the Tameside rate of 428 per 100,000. I am reassured that currently the school does not have any positive cases, but we know only too well that this situation could change quite rapidly.

In addition to this, I have also received guidance from Public Health that schools should reduce the number of occasions where larger numbers of adults come into the building and where possible utilise remote connect methods.

As I am sure that you will understand my first priority is to keep everyone as safe as possible from the transmission of the virus and ensure that everyone in our school community can have a safe and happy Christmas with family.

All of this has led to a review of whether we can safely go ahead with live performances of Christmas plays as planned. After consultation with key staff, Trust Leadership and after considering all potential risks and mitigating measures that could be taken, we have reached the conclusion that it is no longer in the best interests of the children and their families for these to go ahead as much as we would like them to.

This decision has not been made lightly; one major factor in this decision making has been that any performances that take place from Wednesday onwards could potentially lead to a transmission that would mean families having to self-isolate right up to and including Christmas Day or even worse being ill over Christmas.

I know that you will share in our disappointment and were looking forward the live performances as much as we were. But please be assured that this decision has been made in a bid to save Christmas for our families.
We will be recording the performances and making them available for parents to watch at home alongside their children and hope that this will be a consolation for your family. Before we go ahead with the recording will be double checking all permissions for this to ensure that children’s privacy is protected as required. We will be in touch soon with information about how and when you will be able to access the performances virtually.


Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Mrs Mason