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Mathematics equips pupils with a uniquely powerful set of tools to understand and change the world. Maths is a vital skill - used throughout our lives. At Silver Springs we look forward to scaffolding those lightbulb moments - when a pupil solves a problem for the first time, discovers a better solution to that problem, or suddenly sees hidden connections.


Mathematics involves confidence and competence with numbers and measures. It requires:

  • an understanding of the number system;
  • a repertoire of computational skills;
  • an inclination and ability to solve number problems in a variety of contexts;
  • a practical understanding of the world around them within the context of their everyday life;
  • the development using and applying those skills;
  • knowledge and understanding of numbers and the number system, calculations, shape, space and measures and handling data.


At Key Stage 1 our children use practical activities, exploration and discussion. They learn to count, read, write and order numbers to 100 and beyond. They develop a range of mental calculation skills and use these confidently in different situations. They learn about shape and space through practical activity that builds on their understanding of their immediate environment. They begin to grasp mathematical language, using it to talk about their methods and explain their reasoning when solving problems.


At Key Stage 2 pupils use the number system more confidently. They move from counting to calculating fluently with all four number operations. They often try to tackle a problem with mental methods before using any other approach. Pupils explore features of shape and space and develop their measuring skills in a range of contexts. They discuss and present their methods and reasoning using a wider range of mathematical language, diagrams, charts and ICT to communicate their ideas.

How do we calculate?


Have a look at the videos below to see us in action!