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Lunch menus

Please see our lunch time menus below.



Children in KS1 receive universal free school meals. (Reception to Year 2)


For children in Year 3 to Year 6, a dinner costs £2 per day. Payments for school dinners can be made either by cash, cheque or credit/debit card at the school office

(Please label envelopes with your child's name and class). 







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Week One


Week Commencing 25th March 19 13th May 19  
  18th March 19 17th June 19 WEEK 1
  22nd April 19 8th July 19  






Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Salad Bar Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily
Main Meal - Meat/Fish Chicken Tikka Curry & Garlic bread Meat Pie & Gravy Sweet & Sour Chicken  Roast Turkey & Apple Sauce Fish Cakes
Main Meal - Meat/Fish Ham Salad Sandwich Tuna & Sweetcorn Wrap Pork Sausage & Gravy Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich  Cajun Chicken Wrap
Main Meal - Vegetarian Tomato & Basil Pasta French Bread Pizza Jacket Potato & Cheese Vegetarian Roll Cheese Whirl
Served with a choice of Boiled Rice or Jacket Wedges Creamed Potatoes or New Potatoes Potato Waffles or Noodles Roast Potatoes or Creamed Potatoes Chips or New Potatoes
Vegetables Mixed Veg or Green Beans Carrots & Swede or Broccoli Baked Beans or Sweetcorn Cabbage or Diced Carrots Mushy Peas or Mixed Veg
Dessert Fruity Flapjack or Fruit Pots Rice Pudding or Fruit Muffin Ice Cream Tub or Fruit Cheesecake Ginger Biscuit or Jelly Pot Chocolate Sponge & Custard or Fruit Loaf

Week Two


Week Commencing 4th March 19 20th May 19  
  25th March 19 24th June 19 WEEK 2
  29th April 19 15th July 19  






Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Salad Bar Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily
Main Meal - Meat/Fish Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Breaded Salmon Bake Chicken Balti & Garlic Bread Meat Pie & Gravy Fish Fingers & Lemon 
Main Meal - Meat/Fish Chicken Burger in a Bun Bacon Barmcake Cheese & Ham Tortilla Wrap Chicken Bites & BBQ Sauce Jacket Potato with Cheese
Main Meal - Vegetarian Cheese & Onion Pie Vegetarian Ravioli & Garlic bread Quorn Lasagne & Garlic bread Tuna Salad Baguette Quorn Burger in a Bun
Served with a choice of Spaghetti or Croquettes Half a Jacket Potato or Boiled Potato Boiled Rice or Roast Potatoes Creamed Potatoes or Jacket Wedges Chips or New Potatoes
Vegetables Carrots or Garden Peas Cauliflower & Broccoli or Sweetcorn Green Beans or Cabbage  Mixed Vegetables or Savoy Cabbage Mushy Peas or Diced Carrots
Dessert Ginger Cake & Vanilla Sauce or Jelly Pot Cornflake Tart & Custard or Ice Cream Tub Chocolate Chip Cookie or Lemon Drizzle Cake Fruit Pot or Raspberry Bun Arctic Roll or Date Shortcake with Custard

Week Three


Week Commencing 11th March 19 10th June 19  
  1st April 19 1st July 19 WEEK 3
  6th May 19 22nd July 19  






Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Salad Bar Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily
Main Meal - Meat/Fish Pork Loin & Gravy Chicken Tikka & Garlic Bread Chicken Fillet & Gravy Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding with Gravy Breaded Fish & Lemon
Main Meal - Meat/Fish Pepperoni Pizza Turkey Burger in a bun with BBQ Sauce Sausage Rolls Tuna Pasta Salad All Day Breakfast
Main Meal - Vegetarian Tuna Sandwich Vegetable & Cheese Bake Ham & Salad Sandwich Cheese & Tomato Baguette Vegetarian All Day Breakfast
Served with a choice of Creamed Potatoes or Glazed Pasta Jacket Potato Wedges or Rice New Potatoes or Half a Jacket Potato Roast Potatoes Chips or Hash Browns
Vegetables Garden Peas or Diced Carrots Broccoli or Sweetcorn Green Beans or Carrots & Swede Cabbage or Mixed Veg Mushy Peas or Baked Beans
Dessert Rice Pudding & Peaches or Fruit Muffin Chocolate Mandarin Orange Brownie or Ice Cream Tub Flapjack or Strawberry Smoothies Jam & Coconut Sponge with Custard or Shortbread Biscuit Chocolate Crunch or Fruit Pots