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Lunch arrangements

School Lunch 

The cost of a school meal  is £2.20 per day or £11 per week. Payments can be made weekly on Mondays, termly at the start of each new term or monthly.  The cost of school meals for the first half term (2nd September to 22nd October) will be: £81.40


Payments can be made by cash or card 

All cash payments must be sealed in an envelope, labelled clearly with your child’s name, the reason for the payment and the amount enclosed e.g.




07 09 2020



We are sorry but we cannot take loose change at this time.   Parents can hand in envelopes to a member of classroom staff when you bring your child to school or bring it to the office at any time before 2 pm. Mrs Burton will issue a text message receipt for all dinner money payments.



Those eligible for Pupil Premium Free School Meals should apply at: 

This will ensure that all eligible parents will receive vouchers in the event of a future Covid-19 school closure.



Packed Lunch 

As part of our COVID measure we request that all packed lunches are brought to school in a disposable bag which will be disposed of at the end of each lunch time. School can provide paper bags if required. Please contact your class teacher to arrange. 




At the present time, we ask that children do not bring a snack from home.

We will offer a fruit sack for children at the cost of 20p per day. Payment for this can be made weekly (£1) on Mondays or termly (£7 this half term).  This payment should also be sealed in an envelope and labelled as “SNACK MONEY” along with your child’s name.


All snacks will commence on Monday 6th September.