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Using the National Curriculum as our starting point, our History curriculum is designed to ignite children’s curiosity about the past. In our teaching, we focus on cause and effect, helping children to understand the direct impact of past events on future actions. In this way, children will learn that past events are often connected and can have a legacy lasting to the present day. Through discrete History
lessons, we will ensure that children learn key facts about the history of Britain and the wider world and help them to understand that historic events form chapters in a narrative that involves us all. In this way we will help them to develop a sense of chronology and timescale.


To ensure that children can make links in their learning, we will exploit where appropriate cross curricular links through topic work and our plans will ensure that as well as breadth of knowledge the children also experience depth of understanding by studying the lives of historic figures and local stories.

The teaching of history in our academy is intended to equip children to ask questions about the past, analyse evidence, think critically, appreciate different perspectives and develop informed judgements through our knowledge, analyse and create planning sequence.
Progression is planned in knowledge, skills and vocabulary and carefully builds on prior learning so that children can make sense of the subject. Trips and visitors are planned to inspire, engage and challenge children’s thinking and misconceptions. Teachers make use of a range of low stakes quizzes to identify misconceptions and spaced retrieval tasks in making accurate judgements about what the
children know and have remembered.

History Curriculum Overview