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At Silver Springs, we adopt the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum as the starting point for our curriculum planning for two reasons. The first, because this provides the age-related standards against which all early years and primary school aged children are measured and we want our children to be able to stand on a level playing field with their peers. The second, because it enables us to satisfy the requirement of a balanced and broadly-based curriculum which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of children at the school and of society, and prepares children at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. In addition to this we deliver the Coram Life Education SCARF programme and No Outsiders aims.


In establishing our curriculum sequences, we have also considered common barriers and assets within in the local community, which steer us to add weight to and prioritise certain subjects, aspects and concepts of the taught curriculum, as well as place emphasis on these in the wider curriculum. In reviewing our plans, we have studied evidence from cognitive science and educational research as well as considering the views of our children, our parents and other stakeholders, through our Big Curriculum Conversation. As a result, we have developed a curriculum that is unique to our school and that reflects not only our children’s particular needs but also our ambition for our children’s futures, our core values and strengths and goes on to identify the means by which we will achieve these.


Great Academies Education Trust (GAET)


As a part of GAET, we share our core values with other schools in the Trust: Genuine, Respect, Excellence, Achievement, Together


Our curriculum delivers on these values in the following ways:


Genuine: Our subject plans place emphasis on providing opportunities for our children to think critically about the material that we share with them and have an opinion about it. We focus on teaching those concepts and big ideas that will arm them with the information that they need to make a genuine and positive difference in the future both locally and globally.


Respect: Planning in Foundation Subjects and Science prioritises children understanding their place in time and in the world and having respect for the lives and beliefs of others, as well as understanding the Earth’s finite resources and protecting the future of the planet. Our taught curriculum, supported by wider opportunities, will teach the children how to respect their bodies and live a healthy life both physically and mentally.


Excellence: Our curriculum plans provide opportunities for children to engage with specific high-quality texts, identify high level vocabulary and enable children to explore the work and characteristics of inspirational high achievers in their field e.g. artists, explorers, leaders.


Achievement: Our curriculum plans sequence information in such a way that it enables children to revisit concepts and build on prior knowledge so that over time they know more and remember more and therefore achieve more.


Together: We deliver our curriculum plans in a way that makes information accessible to all our children and places emphasis on positive social interactions and understanding the needs and abilities of one another. We prioritize including everyone, but recognize that bespoke plans are needed for some children, some of the time.


Where children shine!

Our curriculum builds in opportunities for extended study and for children with a particular interest or skill to contribute as lead learners. We will celebrate when our children excel in a particular area of the curriculum and share this widely to inspire others to do the same.



English and Maths are given the highest priority as they are essential components for high academic performance and long-lasting achievement. They are also fundamental to the delivery of the rest of the curriculum. We place a strong emphasis in all subjects on developing personally and accepting and understanding others as these are the qualities that will ensure that our children go on to live
successful and fulfilled lives.