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Letter to parents about Step 4 COVID-19 Roadmap

Letter about Covid-19 in Tameside

Please check here for regular updates about reopening in September and other Covid updates.



Dear Parents and Carers

In light of all the changes to restrictions in Lancashire and other parts of the North West, I want to take time to clarify the current restrictions in our area and the implications of these measures for you and your families and ultimately our whole school community.

In school each day, with the co-operation of the children, my staff and I are working tirelessly to minimise the impact that a positive test case would have on the lives of all our families. As you know, we are doing this through enhanced cleaning regimes, frequent hand washing or hand sanitising, promoting respiratory hygiene and of course our bubbles.


From Year Two upwards, within class bubbles, we are maintaining strict contact groups at all times when indoors. This means that the number of other children that your child may be in close contact with each day is very small (less than 10); this is because they sit next to the same friends every day in class, they line up in the same order and they sit for lunch next to the same children. Only outdoors, where the risk of transmission is much lower will they mix with other children from the wider year group.

The children are being a credit to you all in the way that they have adapted to these new measures.

With younger children, whose curriculum is delivered very differently, even greater emphasis is placed on hygiene and cleaning and children are given as much space as possible, including plenty of outdoor learning.

We are upholding these measures to reduce the likelihood of having to close a whole class, year group or phase in the event of a positive case. We realise that having to self-isolate, would be financially difficult for many of our families and want to help you by keeping the numbers having to do this to a minimum.

So now on to those restrictions:

At present in Tameside, you should not allow anyone from another household in your home or garden and you should not enter the home of any other family unless you are a carer for a vulnerable child or adult.

Support bubbles should only be formed with one other single adult household. This could be a grandparent living alone OR a single parent household.

Children may enter the home of a registered childcare provider, this does not include friends and family providing childcare for one another. Where a child’s parents do not live together, they may visit the home of their other parent.

The rule of six, means that you should not gather with more than six other people ANYWHERE, including on the school premises, which is why we are constantly reviewing our one-way system and have made recent changes.

So, what does this mean for you and your family:

• NO playdates at the houses of friends or family

• Absolutely NO sleepovers (blame me or Boris Johnson if it helps!!)

• The number of individuals bringing your child to school on any given day should be kept to an absolute minimum – one adult per household is ideal

• Children who have been told to self-isolate from other schools or who have symptoms should not come on to the premises

• Remind older children about the rule of six if allowing them to play out unsupervised after school


By not bringing any items from home to school and by having school meals or disposable packed lunches you are helping to minimise cross-contamination hand to hand. In addition to this:

• Adults are encouraged to wear their face coverings on the school site, especially if you feel unable to maintain 2m distance from other adults

• Walk to school wherever and whenever possible

• You should wear a face covering if you travel to school on public transport or in a taxi

• You should NOT give lifts to other families but where this is absolutely necessary adults should wear face coverings

• Do NOT park in the direct vicinity of any of the school gates

• Do NOT park on pavements so that pedestrians have enough space to pass by one another safely

• Do NOT gather or linger near gates or on pavements on the school perimeter, move on quickly

I hope that you find this guidance helpful. My intention continues to be to keep everyone in the school community as safe as possible and ensure that by working together we are able to keep all children in school for the maximum amount of time.

Take Care, Stay Safe

Mrs Mason

Should my child be off school?

Drop off Points & One Way Systems

I hope that you find the slides above a useful aid to finding your way around the school site in preparation for the new Academic Year. Here is a reminder about our procedures:

School Day Arrivals
Registration will take place as usual at 8.55 am. For morning arrivals, we will operate a “drift-in” policy in (much like we do on a rainy day). Doors will be supervised and unlocked from 8.30 am, closing again at 9.10 am to take account of late arrivals. Parents are asked to respect the one-way system and be responsible for their own social distancing at this time.

Parents must drop their youngest child off first and then older siblings in age order after that and should leave the site immediately after dropping off their oldest child.

There will be two designated entrances: Ambleside Gate and Springs Lane Gate

• If your youngest child is in Nursery, Reception Year One, Year Two or Year Three you should enter the school grounds via Ambleside Gate.
• If your youngest child is in Year Four, Year Five, Year Six or Oasis you should enter the school grounds via Springs Lane Gate.

There will be two designated exits: Main Gate and Zig-Zag Path Gate.

• If your oldest child is in Nursery, Reception, Year One, Year Two or Year Three you should exit via Main Gate.
• If your oldest child is in Year Four, Year Five, Year Six or Oasis you should exit via Zig-Zag Path Gate.

Staff will be on duty each morning to direct you and arrows will indicate the direction of travel around the site. All pedestrian gates will be locked at 9.10 am apart from the Main Gate.

Parents arriving after 9.10 am with their child, must enter by the Main Gate and take their child directly to the Main Office. Punctuality is paramount to avoid breaching Phase Bubbles and reduce the risk of wider transmission of the virus.

Late Arrival after 9.30am is classed as unauthorised absence; penalty notices will be in operation for persistent late arrivals.

End of the Day

Pick-up times will follow the same one-way system as at the start of the school day but the times will be staggered to accommodate families with more than one child:

Children with siblings: from 3 pm to 3.15 pm

Single children: 3.20 pm to 3.30 pm

Parents with more than one child in school must pick up their youngest child first and then older siblings in age order after that and should leave the site immediately after picking up their oldest child.

Any questions about your individual child should be directed to me or your child's class teacher via Dojo Messages as we cannot provide individual responses in the comments below.

Paper copies of the maps above will be distributed to parents on the first day back,

Stay Safe

After eight years, we have had to make the decision to increase the cost of a school meal from £2 per day to £2.20 per day or £11 per week. This price still compares very favourably with other schools. Payments can be made weekly on Mondays, termly at the start of each new term or monthly. The cost of school meals for the first half term (3rd September to 22nd October) will be: £79.20

Children from Year Three to Year Six must pay for school meals unless they are eligible for Pupil Premium Free School Meals. Children in Reception to Year Two are provided with a free meal as part of Universal Free School Meals.

In the event of a further school closure only those eligible for Pupil Premium Free School Meals will receive vouchers. If you believe that your child of any age (Reception to Year Six) may be eligible for Pupil Premium Free School Meals, please apply at:

This will ensure that all eligible parents will receive vouchers in the event of a future Covid-19 school closure.

All cash payments must be sealed in an envelope, labelled clearly with your child’s name, the reason for the payment and the amount enclosed e.g.

07 09 2020

We are sorry but we cannot take loose change at this time. Parents can hand in envelopes to a member of classroom staff when you bring your child to school or bring it to the office at any time before 2 pm. The Office Manager, Mrs Burton will issue a text message receipt for all dinner money payments.

Contactless Payments
We can also take contactless payments at the Office the limit for this has now increased to £45.

Please be aware that we can only accommodate one person or household at a time in the Office Reception area, please wait outside if the space is occupied. We have provided sanitiser for visitors to use. The office window will remain closed. Contactless Payments can be made through the glass. Thank you for helping us to keep staff safe.

All children from Reception to Year Two are eligible for the Free Fruit Scheme which begins again on Monday 7th September. We will continue to offer a fruit sack for children in Year Three to Year Six at the cost of 20p per day. Payment for this can be made weekly (£1) on Mondays or termly (£7 this half term).

This payment should also be sealed in an envelope and labelled as “SNACK MONEY” along with your child’s name. At the present time, we ask that children do not bring a snack from home. All snacks will commence on Monday 7th September.

The charge for Breakfast Club continues to be £1 per child per day or £5 per week, payable weekly in advance. The school operates a “NO PAY NO STAY” policy. Cash payments can be handed directly to the Breakfast Club Leader in a sealed envelope, clearly labelled with your child or children’s name (s) on the front along with “Breakfast Club” the date and the amount.

Alternatively, you can pay monthly or termly at the office by cash or by card, between 8.30 am and 2 pm. A small number of appointments can be made at the end of the school day by prior arrangement with the Office Manager, Mrs Burton. The charge for one child for the first half term is £36.

Places in Breakfast Club Bubbles are VERY LIMITED, if you require a place and have not yet reserved a place please contact Mrs Burton in the Office, who will advise you.

At the present time we have no trips planned for the first half term.

Unfortunately due to Privacy requirements, I am unable to respond to individual cases in the comments below. Please send me or your child's class teacher a direct message via DOJO MESSAGES, if you have a question about your specific case.

Stay Safe

For the foreseeable future, children will need to wear their PE KIT on the day they have PE. We have adjusted the PE KIT to ensure that it is appropriate for all-day wear. We have chosen clothes that we hope children may wear already and we have suggested a range of colours, which we hope makes life easier for parents. Please try to stick with plain colours and absolutely NO FOOTBALL TEAM Kits!

• Plain jog bottoms or leggings (ideally black, grey or navy)
• Plain white t-shirt
• Plain hoodie (ideally black, grey or navy)
• Black pumps or trainers (ideally black, white grey or navy)

PLEASE, PLEASE ensure that hoodies in particular are clearly labelled with your child's name, just in case they get warm and need to take it off during a lesson.

Monday: Year One and Year Two
Tuesday: Year Three
Wednesday: Year Six and Oasis
Thursday: Year Four (Mr Stott) and Year Five (Mr Kulavuz)
Friday: Year Four (Mrs Potts) and Year Five (Mrs Woolliscroft)

Please address any questions relating specifically to your child to me or your child's class teacher via Dojo Messages as we cannot respond to individual cases in the comments below this post.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Stay Safe

In the next few weeks and whilst the Covid 19 Pandemic continues, we must minimise the amount of cross contamination between home and school. This is one of the reasons for asking children to come to school in their PE Kit on their PE day.

In response to a couple of enquiries, I thought it would be helpful to clarify the matter of school bags.


We know that children like to have their own school bag, but at the present time safety is the priority. Sadly if your child arrives with a school bag on the first day you will be asked to take it home with you.


Children do not need a water bottle because paper cups and drinking water are available in every classroom throughout the day and drinks are being provided for all children at lunch time. EYFS children also receive free milk in class.

ALL homework will be digital for the time-being and ALL set home reading will be via Bug Club or Lexia. Support will be given to families who experience issues with internet access.

Children are not required to bring their own stationery and bringing toys or other items from home is not allowed.


Your child's Asthma Inhaler must be returned to school on the first day - we will provide a zip lock bag for this labelled with your child's name. you should give the inhaler to the member of staff on duty at the entry door.

Class teachers will arrange a telephone conversation with parents to update asthma plans in the first couple of weeks. If you require an urgent review, please let your child's teacher know as soon as possible.

If your child has been prescribed any medication that they need to take during school hours, this should be handed to the member of staff on duty, who will give you a form to complete.


For children with additional needs, who require special equipment and / or a change of clothes in school, special arrangements will be in place. Please speak directly to your child's class teacher or contact Miss Chambers, who will be acting as SENCO for the coming year.




As published, Packed Lunches should be completely disposable and brought to school in a plastic or paper bag, clearly labelled with your child's name.

We encourage parents to choose a school meal for their child at this time.


We will be trying to minimise the amount of letters send home on paper. Instead we will be giving as many announcements as we can digitally on as many platforms as we can:


Therefore being connected to Class Dojo or Seesaw for EYFS parents is crucial. Please ensure that you are connected to your child's new class as soon as possible and that your contact email and mobile number are kept up to date with the office.

Please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff for assistance with any of these matters.

Unfortunately due to Privacy requirements, I am unable to respond to individual cases in the comments below. Please message me or your child's class teacher directly via DOJO MESSAGES, if you have a question about your specific case.

Stay Safe

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