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Please remember that school starts at 8.55am; in EYFS and Years 1, 2 & 3 doors are open from 8.45am to enable parents to drop younger children off at different doors around the school and / or speak to teachers if they need to. 


Years 4, 5 & 6 should now wait with their parents in the rear playground.  A member of staff will be on duty at the door from 8.45am; a bell will be rung to signal time to line up and class teachers will come out to collect their children from the line and take them to class.


Children arriving after 9.55am should report directly to the main office to be signed in.


Changes to Persistent Absence Levels in School


As you will be aware, our school considers regular school attendance a priority to improve the educational outcomes of our children. In the past the Department of Education (DfE) have said that pupils with school attendance below 85% are at risk of becoming a persistent absentee.


85% = 28.5 days of lost learning each academic year


From September 2015, this threshold was increased to 90%. Therefore pupils with attendance each half term below 90% will be at risk of becoming a persistent absentee. Any absence including illness, medical appointments, term time leave, punctuality and unauthorised absence will affect your child’s attendance rate.


90% = 19 days of lost learning each academic year


If your child’s attendance becomes a cause of concern, then a referral may be made to the Local Authority for consideration with me about how to improve your child’s attendance rate. Like you, we want the very best for all our children; we hope, therefore, that you will support us in ensuring your child attends school every day, and on time, in order for them to access the education they are entitled to, enabling them to reach their full potential.


Our attendance stars this week!