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Art Club

We started the messy job of constructing our birds. Using a recycled bottle or tube, masking tape, paper and pva we started to form the body. Work in progress.
With Spring allegedly arriving we decided to draw inspiration from birds who are busily preparing nests and building themselves up. We kicked off the project by drawing Lapwings who are just arriving back from Africa. We then moved onto forming the birds out of clay.

The masks displayed in the hall

Kimmy Cantrell Masks Project

Keith Haring work in the Dance Studio

At this weeks Art club we based our paintings on an American pop artist Keith Haring. The children worked in pairs. One of the pair posed on a large sheet of paper whilst the other drew around them. They then chose one colour to fill the space with. They then completed a background sheet using graphics such as hash tags, geometric lines and abstract images. The finished work will be displayed in the studio.
During the second week of Art Club we warmed up with a continuous line drawing exercise. This involves drawing an object and not taking your pencil off the paper. It encourages looking closely at the detail. We started by drawing our non-dominant hand and then swapped over so that the children were drawing with their weaker hand. We then compared the two. 
Following this we played a drawing game which encouraged the children to have a conversation with each others drawings. It all starts with with one line and then this is passed onto the next person who responds to that line. It is then passed onto until it has gone full circle and is back to the beginning.

Art club started this week with some of the Year 6 children. We did a quick warm up to loosen us up and relax into the session by drawing spirals. We did a range of sizes, shapes and colours and used a range of media.


We then completed a drawing exercise to help the children how they could make really strong, powerful and confident drawings, rather than tentative, shy marks which some of us naturally make. I photocopied a sheet of newspaper and printed out some pictures of Lurchers.
We worked with b pencils and graphite sticks and I explained that we were drawing over the newspaper and that they should compete with the print and make their Lurchers' come out on top. We had approximately 40 minutes on this session and some finished and some didn't but this wasn't important. Some of the children initially struggled with not being able to use a rubber but quickly learnt how to use their mistakes to their advantage and not worry too much.