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Your child will soon be bringing home a library book to share with you at bedtime. This will be changed every Monday. It is important your child brings their blue reading folder and books into school each day. They will also bring home an Oxford Reading Tree character booklet. This is to help your child get to know the characters in one of the reading schemes we use. They may wish to colour these pictures in as they get to know the characters, however, it is most important for you to point to the words at the top of each page from left to right as you read them to your child. Doing this whilst sharing library books too will encourage your child to learn the correct direction for beginning their reading journey.


Soon, your child will begin to bring home a weekly reading book as well as a reading diary for making comments. If there are no words in the book, please encourage your child to tell you what is happening in the pictures or to tell you the story in their own words. If there are words in the book, they will generally be repetitive on each page at this stage. Your child is not expected to learn the words directly or out of context just yet - please read the words with your child and help to model reading left to right, turning one page at a time. It is helpful to point out any repetitive text on the pages and use picture cues to help with new words. For example; mum is sleeping  /  mum is driving / mum is eating etc. Little and often is best (even 5 minutes each night!). Once we have begun our Letters and Sounds (phonics) groups, and when we feel your child is ready, they will bring home a phonics reading book. Please see 'dates for your diary' section to see details of any 'phonics workshops' we will be running at school.