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Our theme this half term

Reception children at Silver Springs will cover a new and exciting theme every half term that provides your child with the chance to experience rich and fulfilling learning experiences. These will be used to develop a wide range of skills and will cater for different learning styles. We also follow the children's interests therefore our themes are flexible to cater for this. 

Please see below for more details about this half term's theme and our don't forget to read our curriculum map within the curriculum section!


Spring half-term 1 2019 

Our theme this half term is 'All change' Our theme for this half term is ‘All Change!’. We will be learning about how weather affects us and other mammals and animals. We will also be looking at the effect of heat/cold on materials and other substances. Linked to learning about winter, we will talk about cold places and animals that live there, hibernation, be making bird-feeders and create some lovely 'cold' colour collages. We will also be getting creative producing our own abstract art using primary and secondary colours using the work of well known artists as inspiration. We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.We will be strengthening our hand and finger muscles to support our writing skills, for example, by having a dough disco! We will build on our phonic skills learning new phonemes, using them to write and spell simple words. We will continue to deepen our understanding of number, counting forwards and backwards, learning simple addition and subtraction facts and learning doubles of numbers up to 10.