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At Silver Springs we embrace creativity and have developed our own bespoke, text based, thematic curriculum, which we believe inspires our children to become magical writers.

Fantastic texts are always at the heart of our teaching. More than anything the children are inspired to write through the use of ‘writing hooks’ that engage and fuel their imaginations. Drama and poetry is also used to develop speech and language skills which in turn inspire writing.


Talk For Writing

For each unit of writing, the teacher chooses a text to use for ‘Talk for Writing’. This approach was developed by Pie Corbett, who advises the Government, and thousands of schools across the country have adopted his methods. The aim is that the children learn the text by heart, with actions to support memory. The next stage, is the Innovation Stage where the children use the structure of the text to investigate spelling patterns, story structures and vocabulary choices. Finally, it is the Invention Stage where the children create their own stories based on the structure of the original text, but with the added bonus of their own imaginations.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG)

No Nonsense Spelling is the backbone of our teaching of spelling throughout the school. Spelling is taught through an investigative approach and the children keep personal spelling lists of the words they find tricky across the curriculum. In line with the National Curriculum, each year group learn a list of assigned words. We hope to foster a love of words, so children are inspired to always search for the best vocabulary choices to improve the quality of their writing.




Silver Springs encourages the children to have a sense of pride in the presentation of their work across the curriculum. Correct letter formation and handwriting joins are taught using discrete handwriting sessions.