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19 Oct @pinkmace @Donnacaoccps we definitely need ballet!!!!

19 Oct RT @pinkmace: @FeedingKidsUK @AldiUK @Change4Life @SilverSprings5 this is a great app for parents struggling with ideas for packed lunches!

19 Oct RT @SilverSpringsY1: Witches potions.....http://t.co/lv04CDKTW3

19 Oct RT @SilverSpringsY1: Got to love a Jack O Lantern! http://t.co/nYKTd1uWq1

5 Oct Look forward to Parent Partnership week this week! #wherechildrenshine

5 Oct RT @SilverSpringsY1: Check out our shape pictures - comments welcome!!! http://t.co/2RKg7hAKRd

5 Oct RT @SilverSpringsY1: We have been working really hard on our senses work..but we had a break to make banana smoothies! http://t.co/65IqSUsv…

5 Oct RT @SilverSpringsY1: This week we have been tasting lots of different foods! http://t.co/jEn3LQCu2w

6 Sep RT @SilverSpringsY1: Love this picture of our Y5 buddies - best friends together! Coincidence? I think not! http://t.co/YiQHThPgLs

5 Sep RT @SilverSpringsY1: Please see and comment on our fabulous self portraits http://t.co/DMiVLHmg5s @britishmuseum @vangoghmuseum @tatemodern…