Silver Springs @SilverSprings5

26 Oct RT @pinkmace: @SilverSprings5 @NewCharterGroup I'm very excited my first blog will be live on the DfE Academies and Free Schools site early…

23 Oct Check out Year 1's visit to Eureka on our blog - http://t.co/8bjfnKDgZS

22 Oct Year 1 went to the Eureka museum today - check out our blog for some fantastic photographs from our visit! http://t.co/EbN2VwwtBL

22 Oct Well done to all our children for our fantastic Harvest Festival celebration! http://t.co/lnkWE2vwMi

19 Oct @pinkmace @Donnacaoccps we definitely need ballet!!!!

19 Oct RT @pinkmace: @FeedingKidsUK @AldiUK @Change4Life @SilverSprings5 this is a great app for parents struggling with ideas for packed lunches!

19 Oct RT @SilverSpringsY1: Witches potions.....http://t.co/lv04CDKTW3

19 Oct RT @SilverSpringsY1: Got to love a Jack O Lantern! http://t.co/nYKTd1uWq1

5 Oct Look forward to Parent Partnership week this week! #wherechildrenshine

5 Oct RT @SilverSpringsY1: Check out our shape pictures - comments welcome!!! http://t.co/2RKg7hAKRd