Silver Springs @SilverSprings5

6 Sep RT @SilverSpringsY1: Love this picture of our Y5 buddies - best friends together! Coincidence? I think not! http://t.co/YiQHThPgLs

5 Sep RT @SilverSpringsY1: Please see and comment on our fabulous self portraits http://t.co/DMiVLHmg5s @britishmuseum @vangoghmuseum @tatemodern…

5 Sep What a lovely and busy first week! Thank you to our fantastic children for making it enjoyable :)

5 Aug RT @SilverspringsPE: who's going to win in the Teachers vrs Year 6 pupils in the annual Rounders leavers match .... will keep you updated

5 Aug RT @SilverspringsPE: And the Teachers continue to hold the title wining 22.5 rounders to year 6 11.5 rounders…. http://t.co/klcc2d0CxQ

5 Aug RT @SilverspringsPE: getting ready for rounders http://t.co/TKexO7qRsB

5 Aug RT @pinkmace: @tamesidessp @SilverspringsPE @YourSchoolGames So proud of our PE team on achieving Silver School Games Mark! Thanks too to s…

5 Aug RT @YourSchoolGames: @tamesidessp @SilverspringsPE @pinkmace Congratulations!

5 Aug RT @tamesidessp: well done to @SilverspringsPE who have just achieved @YourSchoolGames SILVER mark! @pinkmace #tameside #inspire

24 Jul We're all so proud of our Award Winners at our Annual Time to Shine Awards! http://t.co/1K1uFmJoch http://t.co/u6SpRHgIMZ